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The Jungle Book (jbc:557) Object
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Books (English) jbc:557 English
The Jungle Book
by: Macmillan
year: 1993

Illustrations Maurice and Edward Detmold (vintage 1903 illustration)
Hardcover, 19.5 x 25.5 cm.

See also jbc:1418

extra info: Friday July 8, 2005  (Douglas Cowan)

Does this version include all 16 Detmold brothers' illustrations? I have been looking for them. Also, random house value published a book in 1989/1990 that featured some of their illustrations, do you know if that had all 16? thanks I greatly appreciate your time and help.


extra info: Tuesday May 31, 2011  (Lee)

Not sure about the Random House version, but this edition does indeed contain all 16 illustrations, although the landscape-format pictures are printed horizontally rather than rotated to fit. You can probably still find copies of the original 1908 edition from places like Abebooks, but the 1993 edition uses new scans from the original art so the quality is much better.


The Two Jungle Books
1895 English 3
The Detmold Pictures

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