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Amoraq Inuit woman.

Maried with Kadlu and mother of Kotuko

From The Second Jungle Book: Quiquern

An Inuit does not think of these chances till he is forced to. Kadlu, Kotuko, Amoraq, and the boy-baby who kicked about in Amoraq’s fur hood and chewed pieces of blubber all day, were as happy together as any family in the world. They came of a very gentle race--an Inuit seldom loses his temper, and almost never strikes a child--who did not know exactly what telling a real lie meant, still less how to steal. They were content to spear their living out of the heart of the bitter, hopeless cold; to smile oily smiles, and tell queer ghost and fairy tales of evenings, and eat till they could eat no more, and sing the endless woman’s song: “Amna aya, aya amna, ah! ah!” through the long lamp-lighted days as they mended their clothes and their hunting-gear.

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