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Illustrators Edward Julius (1883-1957) and Charles Maurice Detmold (1883-1908)

Charles Maurice Detmold and his twin brother, Edward Julius Detmold, were born in London in 1883. They were tutored by an uncle who had a love for natural history. At the age of 13, they exhibited watercolours at the Royal Academy and had a portfolio of etchings issued in 1898. At the age of twenty, the twins created a portfolio of sixteen watercolours inspired by Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”. These illustrations were published in 1908 by Macmillan as coloured lithographs, making the twins 'notoriously popular'.

Charles Maurice Detmold, who was probably the more talented of the twins, suddenly committed suicide in 1908 by inhaling chloroform, leaving his twin brother stunned. It was always a mystery as to why Maurice killed himself. Edward continued to work after his brother’s death, creating etchings, drawings and paintings, and coloured block prints.

Edward retired from the world of illustration in the 1930s to live out his days in Montgomeryshire, Wales, where in 1957 he also took his own life.

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