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Book covers similar to the cover at jbc:5259, info extracted from several items sold by ebay seller 'germanperi'

Authorized translation from English by Curt Abel Musgrave
Cover and frontispiece by Johannes Eckard

Freiburg im Breisgau, Friedrich Ernst Fehsenfeld
Universitäts-Buchdruckerei Joh. Aug. Koch (Dr. C. Hitzeroth), Marburg-Lahn
With a foreword by the publisher in March 1928
Coverdustcoveredition (x1000)yearpagescommentjbc
 81-901928233+ 3 advertising pages5265
 1001929288modified type areajbc:5264
 101-1201931233+ 4 advertising pagesjbc:5258
101-1101931233+ 3 advertising pages5262
 101-1101931233+ 3 advertising pages5261
 101-1101931233+ 3 advertising pages5263
Leipzig, Friedrich Ernst Fehsenfeld
Printed by Breitkopf & Härtel, Leipzig
Coverdustcoveredition (x1000)yearpagescommentjbc
 121-1231934233+ 2 advertising pages Paul-List-Verlags Leipzigjbc:5259
 121-1231934233+ 2 advertising pages Paul-List-Verlags Leipzig5260
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