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Messua's husband is a fictional character in Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book (1894) and The Second Jungle Book (1895). He is the richest villager in the place.

Spoilers follow

When Messua persuades him that thay should adopt Mowgli he is initially enthusiastic, but Mowgli's ignorance of village customs soon proves embarrassing for his adopted parents and Messua's husband loses his affection for the boy.

Then, when the village's chief hunter Buldeo accuses Mowgli of having used witchcraft against him, the villagers prepare to execute Messua and her husband for having harboured the boy. Mowgli learns of their peril in the nick of time and rescues them both with the help of his animal companions, but Messua's husband shows very little gratitude since the villagers have taken most of his money.

After escaping, Messua and her husband settle in a new village and have another son, but her husband dies of unspecified causes soon after.

End of spoilers

From The Jungle Book 'Tiger! Tiger':

The priest was a clever man, and he knew that Messua was wife to the richest villager in the place. So he looked up at the sky for a minute and said solemnly: "What the jungle has taken the jungle has restored. Take the boy into thy house, my sister, and forget not to honour the priest who sees so far into the lives of men."

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