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Thuu the White Cobra

In the story 'The King's Ankus' (The Second Jungle Book) the name Thuu is given to the white cobra.

'No,' he said, as he drew the blade; 'I will never kill again save for food. But look you, Kaa!' He caught the snake behind the hood, forced the mouth open with the blade of the knife, and showed the terrible poison-fangs of the upper jaw lying black and withered in the gum. The White Cobra had outlived his poison, as a snake will.
'Thuu' ('It is dried up'*), said Mowgli; and motioning Kaa away, he picked up the ankus, setting the White Cobra free.
'The King's Treasure needs a new Warden,' he said gravely. 'Thuu', thou hast not done well. Run to and fro and make sport, Thuu!'
'I am ashamed. Kill me!' hissed the White Cobra.

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